Wednesday, December 22, 2010

snow mound discovered

Well I awoke this morning to the prospect of seeing the first solstice moon eclipse in 2000 years but unfortunately it was snowing, anyway that was quite exciting in itself so I dashed outside and proceeded to build a snow man or “snow person” if you have a hang-up about that sort of thing, anyway I was progressing well until I started shivering and looked down and I was in my shorts, silly billy. ANYWAY, I decided to make a snow mound instead of the snow wateva thing and I think you may agree it came out rather stunning.



 Snow mounds like this are only rarely seen in Ireland and I’m hoping this one may attract tourism to the area.



I have another grand Idea this time its how to convert a barbeque into an outdoor fridge basically just follow the instructions below (its quite easy)

1. Take your barbie to Ireland

2. Leave it outdoors


My neighbour had an appointment this afternoon so I’m awaiting a delivery of a new washing machine at his place, I’ll let the delivery guy in, and then his belongings arrive from Australia so I shall let the removalists in. I cant wait as he has a squillion DVD movies (all legal Gail) that I am going to borrow.



Running around this morning in my shorts is closest I’m getting to the solstice nekid dancing, its just too cold.

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