Friday, December 17, 2010

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.

It snowed last night here, not inches and inches but enough to have Jessie puzzled as to what the heck was on the ground, being Aussie she probably had not seen snow before. They had great fun running through it early on.


The sun came out when we were on our walk and we met the next door neighbour Eoan and “Maggot” and a lassie called Monica and “Sparky” and four other dog owners with their respective buddies, When you are walking with a dog its like having a big notice round your neck “ this bloke is ok he likes animals” and folks always say hi. Remove the dog and you could be an axe murderer or worse.





The forecast is for snow and freezing temps again but being on the west coast we will probably miss the worst. Hopefully it will be a white Christmas, would be awesome for the first one back in the Northern hemisphere, but not Too White for my visitors to make it here on Christmas.

I’ve been using my home gym the last couple of days too and my arm seems to be handling it ok. Between the walks and the gym thing I’ll be healthier for our move anyway. There has been no work for me at all which is a worry but on the bright side it would be better to be healthy and skint than loaded and unwell. Come the spring and summer maybe Ill make a bit hiring bikes out.

Cardinal Sean Brady has said the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights does not oblige Ireland to introduce legislation authorising abortion here. He then placed his head back in the pile of sand he had specially for this.

The finishing touches are being put on the Leaning Tower of Pisa as the eight-year restoration project to remove sea salt, pigeon droppings and tourist graffiti from the tower comes to an end.At just 12km from the Mediterranean shores, the tower is frequently battered by storms coming off the coast.

'You have to be really passionate about wanting to save the tower, or you'd never be able to make yourself get up at dawn and spend all day leaning,' said 41-year-old Marco Berettini. If he had quit leaning and done some work it may have been finished sooner, he must have been in charge ehh.

'The stones were in an appalling state, mainly due to air pollution, though tourists and pigeons played a part,' explained Anton Sutter, I can imagine the pigeons may have been crapping on it but the tourists well they should know better.The distinctive, yellowish stone came from the quarries of San Giuliano, visible from the top of the tower, which scar the green hills behind Pisa.'The columns are decorated with capitals: flowers, ghoulish faces, fantastical animals,' Mr Sutter said.

'But sea salt carried on the wind and rain water that collects in certain areas because of the tower's tilt have damaged many,' he added, explaining that the water could not drain properly because of the angle.'Legend has it the tower was begun in 1173 after a Pisan noblewoman left 60 coins to the city in her will to build a magnificent belfry.

Are you going to tell them or should I, its still leaning.

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