Thursday, December 16, 2010

dog perfume

Jessie rolled in something indescribable or close, so here goes she rolled in “agggghhhh noooooooooo, sheeeze that stinks, feck no not on the couch, I thought there were no skunks in Ireland, phew, I've got to touch THAT ? horrid yuk, worse than baby poo, crap” what makes them do that? 

The major theory why dogs will roll in smelly material is based on the relationship of domesticated canines to wolves. Wolves will often roll in decomposing carcasses or the feces of plant eating animals or herbivores. This would mask their own scent and enable them to sneak up on their prey without detection. It could even fool members of the other species into accepting it as one of their own. This ancient instinct may have carried over to domesticated dogs. she must have thought she was going to have to sneak up on her food bowl ehh.




It was a wee bit drizzly today first day in ages the sun hasn't been out. Angie is away to Lowestoft  with work so I have the place to myself, still no work happening here for me but I’m keeping amused doing the housework and dog entertaining. 



I should make a facebook page for the charity bear see if i can drum up some interest in her.

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