Friday, October 15, 2010

barbi (may as well)

Well I had barbiqued seafood last Saturday and tonight I think I'll have another barbi seeing its dry and I can. My neighbour was debateing the different ways of barbiqueing he recons the brickettes are the way to go, not for me I love my gas barbi instant controlable heat. He was argueing that there is more taste off the coal ones, I disagree, sometimes you can even taste the petro chems they soak the bricketes in so they light easy. Anyway we had a fight about it and I won, kidding again.
So tonight I have some prawns that I'm going to marinade in garlic, ginger lemon grass and kafir lime then put them on skewers with mango and red / yellow capsicum. A choice of steak or chicken and a couscous, pumpkin, cashew and date salad. Should fill a hole.

It looks like it may be a bonny day tomorow so renting the boat again is on the cards, hopefully 4 adults one teenager and a dog will be ok, Mark next door may like to come too but he was saying he doesnt have much experience with engines so it may be a case of towing a second boat.

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