Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well I saw this headline earlier " Gardaí are investigating an incident in which an animal, believed to be a kangaroo, was released onto the dance floor of a hotel in Dublin on Saturday night." and I thought to myself  To be sure, do they not know what a kangeroo looks like ?
Theres a lot fewer leaves on the trees now a sure sign that winter is aproaching and it was black dark when I got up at 0700 this morning, the clocks will go back on the 31st at 0200 so it will be light in the mornings at least. I just put the washing out here and its started to rain lol typical, 5 mins ago it was bright sunshine and we will probably get hail later along with a heat wave and snow.

I have been designing a flier to deliver around the place.

and should write a wee story for the local paper "Once apon a time there was this balding Scottish PC repair man, who after holidaying in Australia for 19 years decided to move to Ireland, or maybe he just got lost cos theres no blinkin postcodes here" How on earth I'm going to manage to run a repair business here I havent a clue the phone will ring "Hello" "to be sure la di oughterard de da computer repair agus Glann road after the cow" Pardon? could you repeat your address please?" Ohh fine it is, after the cow to be sure, jis follow your ear and youll be hearing a big bang that will be the quarry no doubt no doubt" Perhaps I should change my occupation to something I dont need to leave the house to do.

I had a prospective prefered supplier visit on Saturday his name is Fin and he has had a computer business here in Galway since 1986, I wrote him a wee email suggesting a sort of "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" type deal and he seems keen. we both have the same fast turnaround keeps the client happy ideal and he is into networking and companies and I prefer tuition and home computer repairs so it may well work out. I shall certainly buy new pc's and parts through him at 10% discount.

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Iain Sutherland said...

Cool leaflet Rob. It looks like I have been looking at the old blog - oops.