Monday, October 4, 2010

new wellies, massive wind chimes and mucking about on the water contin...

Well the last post wouldnt let me add any more pics so this is part #2 of the new wellie post.

A Quaint wee thatched cottage in the Glann road, at the moment there is a grant to help with the costs of rethatching the roofs but I can see that ending the way things are financially here, there is a huge thatched house here in Owenriff Park it looks awesome but if you had to reroof it out of your own pocket every 10 yrs or so that would be a huge expense.

This wee bridge goes onto a wee island about 15ft long ? why? well I'm not quite sure but this is Ireland and we dont have post codes so it could have been a mistaken address ehh.

It was a bonny morning but we had showers and it got choppy at one stage on the way back anyway it was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday and a super spot to take any visitors for a picnic.

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Di said...

Yum ... just yum. :-)
Looks like you two are having a lovely time across the ditch there.