Friday, October 8, 2010

VRO, Gas fittings and the like.

Welllllllllllllll, my neighbour Mark and I went into Galway to sort out my car rego, I needed support lol. It was all going well initially I picked up the letter from the VRO that should have been posted weeks ago so was all prepared for the VRT inspection booked in for 1545.
Meantime with some time to waste we went looking for a gas fitting for my barbi as the Irish gas bottles are a different fitting, we visited numerous places and some salesmen that had me buying 50 Euro fittings then hacksawing them and using jubilee clips? anyway the last place we went to the guy (whos shop was closing down )swore blind he had nothing that would do the job but he was holding this adapter in his hand and screwed it onto my gas line, I asked him what was in his hand and he said "an adapter" I asked "can i buy it" ? he said "to be sure" it was weirder than something out of fawlty towers, then he commented about my lack of hair so I wished him the best of luck in his new employment.

It was now time for the VRT so I rolled up with all the paperwork and a very nice lassie looked over the car and told me I could be liable to pay VAT on it "you are ( I almost said feckin at this point) kidding me" I paid over 3000A$ in GST which is same as VAT when I bought it, anyway she had made a mistake so I stopped sweating and we got back to the paperwork, "do you have PPS number?" yes "do you have the registration from Australia"? yes "do you have a bill of sale, a letter from the VRO, a letter of compliance, a declaration, completed form xyz, a, arrival notice from the container company, a proof of emmissions, a utility bill to prove address, driving licence YES :) , ok sir we cant give you the registration today and will phone you sometime in the next 10 days when you can traips all the way back in here and pick up the registration paperwork, from there you go to a tax department and pay them and from there to a garage and get plates made up, meantime you can park your car on your front lawn and pretend its a garden ornament. If we were in America she would have said have a nice day but seeing this is Ireland she said "Goodluck" and went home to eat spuds and turnip.

Apart from that it was a nice day out in Galway.


Anonymous said...

you are sooo funny! I love your writing!! Makes me remember the dead kangeroo on the side of the road!!
Starting to feel better so will be around a little more...

Di said...

I would have to say ... 'shit, that sucks' which to you, fresh from Aussie would sound something like 'sheeeet, that sucks!

I guess the Irish accent is something of a balm to your damaged soul, eh.

Stertke! as they say over here.