Tuesday, October 19, 2010

clifden and connemara

Trish Archie and Katie have been staying since Friday and we went for a drive out to clifden yesterday via Roundhouse, was a nice run and the day almost stayed dry. I got myself a Bodran and am learning to play it, thankfully there are lots of utube videos on the subject as I wasnt off to the brightest start lol. I made the mistake of adding a bit too much alcahol and playing too loud.
The man who makes the Bodrans down at roundstone has a Ghanian wife and it was her that served me yesterday shes really nice and we had a great old chinwag about living a long way away from our homelands funny to have something in common with a lady from Ghana but there you go.

I got a few nice shots along the way yesterday below are a few.
My business cards arrived today and I shall print out some brochures for a letter drop this week and Gus and I can kill two birds and walk round delivering them.

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