Monday, October 4, 2010

more photos from Inchagoil

Its quite a magical place, especially when there was no one else on the island, add 350 screaming wains and it may well lose some of that. in the middle photo theres a wee fire pit and barbique area. Angies sister Sheena is off to Australia in four days so i'm trying to organise how to get her dog here, hopefully Russel can get to the Stranrae ferry and we can pick them up at Belfast. I really like having a dog companion and hope he settles in here ok. I plan to take him to dog training in Galway on a Tuesday night and when Jessy arrives it would be great if I can talk Angie into taking her at the same time, Jessy got to level three in Sydney but no doubt she has forgotten a lot.

Just had the fuel oil tanker fill up the central heating tank here so at least I shant have to worry about my wallet being to heavy to carry for a while, it was a choice fill up the tank or buy a small plane. My car is still a garden ornament I still havent recieved the letter from the VRO so I cant drive it yet. Probably the letter is in Tipperary and they wont answer my calls to chase it up lol. Pretty soon I'm just going to make up my own plates and stick them on the car "ROBBOS" might be the go.

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