Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well I went out with one dog and came back with three, we had our usual ball chassing session and a swim/ walk and were joined by 2 chocolate retrievers, not the smartest dog breed but also magnetized by the BALLY, anyway all was well until we reached the automatic gates they have a sensor which stops them closing until the area is clear, I couldn't get the blinking retrievers to vamoose so put Gus inside the house while they left, of course hes covered in mud and dogs like to shake themselves dry so now the walls in the hall are a nice dappled brown. Normally he gets toweled off before getting to go indoors. Ohh the retrievers pinched his bone as well lol. Joys of dog ownership.

Its been foggy here the last three days clearing to sunny afternoons but yesterday it was almost 1500 before it lifted, I used to hate the fog when I was at sea and we never really got much in Sydney and it would always clear early. One of the first jobs I had after emigrating to Australia was skippering a tourist boat on Lake Burley Griffin  in Canberra, some days it would remain foggy on the lake all day, the boat had a commentary on the way round some days it was , "behind the fog on our Starboard side is a great view of the Parliament house and on our port is the war memorial behind that other fog bank" "I'll stop here while you get photos of the fog"

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