Monday, October 11, 2010

blue skies

Well tis a fine day to be sure, the sun is out the sky is blue but Gussy and I arent we are having a ball. So far there as been walking, ball chassing, swiming and some more ball chassing then meeting the other dogs in the square here, then some ball chassing then a lie in the sun and some ball chassing. Ohh and we built a wee lean too to keep the bikes out of the weather.

I had a huge housefull of people this weekend, Inlaws or were they Outlaws its hard to remember through all the grog induced haze lol, anyway it was lovely to play the host and they were all raving about the hospitality so I guess we did something right. Had 8 for dinner two nights and 7 slept over.

I hope the weather is like this this weekend as Trish and Alan and their wee girl, who could quite easy be 30 yrs old time passes that fast, are coming to stay. I'll need a trailer to take all the bottles to the recycler at this rate. Ok back to the washing while the suns out :)

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