Tuesday, October 12, 2010

pea soup

Well its 1315 and still foggy, I was hopeing it would lift as theres a nice day hiding behind it. Anyway has not stopped old gus and I again, although he is now pegged out
Reminds me a bit of another dog that will be here in a few weeks  who also has a partiality to my office chair.

I hope the pair of them get on well I can always get another chair. All my dogs have been cuties apart from wee Roory, and he did have that one cute moment when he was recovering from a tumour opperation, ohh and when his tail wagged his whole body did too that was kinda cute, ok he was a cutie too.
I got gifted an iMac at the weekend and have it up and running in the office connected to itunes radio 4U Classic rock channel which has some tracks I havent heard before and a good mix. It took me a wee while to get it connected to my internet router but is working fine now. Ordered some business cards online today and printed out a couple of signs for the local shops, my printer needs yellow ink and I'm sure I packed it but am having problems locating it, (the huge house search is on again). I'd have an apple computer, but I have to have PC's to keep on top of the technology and the repair costs are enormous for apples, the shop in Sydney was charging A$189 an hour where the PC shop was more like A$35. I approached them at one point to ask if they would give me a commision on work I put their way but they just grunted. Maybe I can learn enough fluffing around with this imac to do some repair stuff on them I shall see.

My next chore will be to do a letter drop with company fliers to see if I can drum up some work here, playing host to 8 folks doesnt come cheap lol. Ok I'm off to continue the hunt for printer ink.

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Di said...

Okay, so that's decided the big question of 'a Mac for my photo-processing or something else that doesn't cost a million euro to buy AND REPAIR'.

Dank u wel.

I'm just about to buy a new one. I think I'll go laptop again, so I can process from the road. Sigh sigh sigh.