Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cybil Fawlty down at the NCT office

Well for my sis in laws benifit mostly, as she had a giggle at my last NCT post this is what happened today, I got a call about 1100 saying if I went back into the NCT office I could get my paperwork back and get plates for my car, I think she said her name was Cybil.
Anyway I drove in  and a very nice lassie looked over the car  "do you have PPS number?" yes "do you have the registration from Australia"? yes "do you have a bill of sale, a letter from the VRO, a letter of compliance, a declaration, completed form xyz, a, arrival notice from the container company, a proof of emmissions, a utility bill to prove address, driving licence YES :) ,
 Ok sir we CANT give you the registration today as theres something wrong with the computer and will phone you sometime in the next 10 days when you can traips all the way back in here and pick up the registration paperwork, from there you go to a tax department and pay them and from there to a garage and get plates made up, meantime you can park your car on your front lawn and pretend its a garden ornament. If we were in America she would have said have a nice day but seeing this is Ireland she said "Goodluck" and went home to eat spuds and turnip. It felt a bit like deja vu so it did, but I didnt complain just headbutted the door frame on my way out.

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Di said...

Oh ... that's horrid. Will be over in 2011, if the offer's still open. I hope you have your car stuff by then :-)