Monday, August 2, 2010

West Highland Week race to Oban

The view from my parents home with the yachts in the Crobh to Oban race passing. Dad and I drove down to the south end of the island and got some shots there too, I was wondering why this film crew were concentrating on one particular boat until I realised it was Griff Rees Jones and 3 men on a boat. They were doing OK for 3 comedians.
Bealach in the background between Scarba and Lunga islands with 3 men in a boat and their entourage passing.

I think Shuna was enjoying the race after she arrived in the pickup with the monsters.

Their are races all week and if I get a yacht I'll enter next year. The most impressive views are when all the boats have a following wind and have their spinnakers flying, I hope they have a nice week for their races there are 7 I think 

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