Monday, August 16, 2010

The Motorway

Took the Motorway to Connemara, Jesus, Mary Mother of Christ to be sure, it twas a fine day. The day started off Foggy but cleared to a top sunny warm one, we drove from Galway to Carna on the coast road and then back via Oughterard where it look like we may be renting for a year, the picture below is part of the Loch Corrib at Oughterard.

Here is the house


Galway Hookers are wee sailing boats used for fishing roundabout this area in the past and a lot of them are still to be seen, infact there is a Regatta for them next weekend I might go to.

There were a lot of bonny views along the way
And Angie made me take a photo of her doing this strange Choochter like squat in the sea at a wee beach called Moruss,

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Unknown said...

As always, you crack me up with your comments, Rob...sounds as if you're losing a bit of that Aussie accent already. I'm glad you're reunited with Angie finally, I know your parents were happy to see you. Is that a real road, by the way? Lol @ sewing machine engine! Great photos. Hugs, Lizzie