Wednesday, August 11, 2010

house hunting

Well I have been out hunting for a house to rent for the last 2 days, I have a few criteria to meet namely, be within 30 mins drive of Angies work, allow dogs, be able to get the internet, have double glazing and be well insulated and be close to a community that may require a PC fixer. Its not proving easy lol. Anyway tommorow I have my hopes set on one in Ballygarriff which is near Clarinbridge and one of the favourite areas. I just had a run out the road to Furbo which looks over towards the Arran Islands its nice there too so I have added the place as a pottential.

My first impressions of Ireland are, stone dykes, pubs, freindly people, huge houses, road speed limits that feel  as if someone in charge is having a laugh, 50kmh on good roads and 100kmh on single track ones, I think it may be cos the Gaurda cant be bothered patroling the small roads, ohh and the sun as it has been out since I arrived.

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