Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well we are moved into the big house in Oughterard, and it is big too, you may be wondering why rent such a large house? there were a few different factors, I want to have an office and a workspace in the house and have plenty room for visitors, I'm hoping friends and family will come visit now we are a bit closer than Australia. This place costs less to rent than a wee flat Angie had in Galway city, Gus and Jessy are coming so we needed a dog allowed home that is relatively dog proof, actually this one isnt lol, I was looking for a smallish community that doesnt have a PC repair man and Oughterard fills this criteria. And this house is really nice.
The house is really empty untill we get our furniture but its not that long till it arrives really so we will survive.

I got my PPS number the other day and have registered a business "Robbo's" this week I'll design a logo and have some cards made and look into advertising in the local paper.


Unknown said...

Very nice, its got a chimmey for santa

Unknown said...

Love the house. you lucky people.