Friday, July 30, 2010


My neice Cara has the nicest smile I have seen, her whole face smiles and its hard not to smile with her. She will break many hearts I recon.

My namesake Robbie is a cheeky wee monkey so not unlike me in that respect. Its great to see them and all my other family. I managed to fix Alexanders vista laptop today too so the pc repair part of my holidays has been a big success lol.

The youngest addition to the family is Shuna the pup she also has cute looks.

Had a barbi last night as it was a nice day and we went fishing till dark and caught 2 large laithe and a saithe and a mackerel. Was fun and the boys seemed chuffed. Having been away so long I have missed doing stuff with my kin and I hope to get here a lot as Ireland is close really.

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