Friday, August 27, 2010

moving/packing and miners

Well I'm packing up things here ready for the move tommorow, this flat is kinda small but imagine what things are like for the gold miners trapped alive at 700 metres underground after a tunnel collapsed in Chile. there are 33 of them in a space about the size of this flat and they will be there until December not even able to see the sky. Mining isnt high on my list of jobs to apply for, infact I havent got a list, I registered a company name today "Robbo's" I think it sounds kinda Aussie and kinda Irish to be sure. I chose it so I can do anything from selling turf to training elephants. My first training job right enough is to be with Gus, who is Sheena's dog, apparently he has taken to chassing garbage collectors which is no good. Theres a dog training course in Galway that I will join, it wont do Jessy any harm either to get some more training.

I cant wait to get moved into the new house although the company that Angie signed up for, for tv dont seem to have a service there so we shant have tv or a tellephone or any furniture lol, giggling here. Ohh well at least I'll be able to see the sky ehh.

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