Friday, August 13, 2010

No postcodes

Ireland doesnt appear to have any post codes, this normally wouldnt bother me but it also doesnt seem to have any road signs or house names, this makes finding houses that are for rent a bit like meandering through a maze blindfolded with cars maniacally trying to get you to crash into the hedge. I bought a wee satnav Tomtom to help me on my way along with the iphone application that shows the position of the home on a map.
Normally you would put the postcode in the satnav and away you go, thats prob one, prob two is the iphone application with the homes for sale/ rent is made by a company called "" I know why now, as they dont put the position of the house in its correct place on the map???? yep that has me scratching my head too but hey this is Ireland. So  have worked out what to do, basically you study the photo of the house for rent until it is dead set in your memory then you drive around the whole county at 120 mph looking for it and throw your satnav over the hedge.  

Its taking a while to take money from Australia so buying a car shall have to wait till next weekend probably, its a shame as I will have to rent another car this next week to get around the place. I had a wee Toyota Yaris this week, which after coming from a v6 Ford station wagon is like sitting in a kids pedal car with a sewing machine for an engine, but hey it runs on the smell of an oily rag which is real handy.

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