Sunday, August 22, 2010

pyrite infill

You have a new house built in Dublin in 2007 it costs a bomb as that was close to the peak of housing costs here, then in November 2008 your house starts to swell, more value for money? nope the case still in court two years later claims that the cracks and swelling are caused by defective infill containing high amounts of pyrite, the lawer for the defence stated that the “vast majority” of defects were of “no significance whatever”, he sounds like a careing sort of chap, probably doesnt have negative equity in a cracked swelling house with absolutely no chance of selling as the estate its in is in all the papers.

I see in the news, Tourists travelling on a sleeper train from Spain to Italy woke up nearly 200 miles away in Switzerland after French railway staff made a signalling mix-up in Lyon. Holidaymakers expecting an early morning glimpse of the ornate spires of the Duomo, Milan's landmark cathedral were instead greeted by Zurich. And two British climbers were rescued after they texted a message to raise the alarm, I used my mobile phone to locate fishing spots in Australia, handy things the old mobiles ehh. Talking about climbers what's the difference between a Climber and a Golfer? Golfer goes: Whack, bugga! Climber goes : Bugga, WHACK.

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