Tuesday, August 24, 2010

scraped bonnet

Well I went into Galway this morning to give the insurance company photocopies of no claims I had in Australia and photocopies of licences etc. They hadnt heard of me lol the insurance was for someone with the surname Thairp, I came back and googled "Thairp" and it comes up with a website http://www.thairp.com/ its a website with nothing on it apart from the words thairp.com a bit weird ehh wonder why someone has gone to the expense of paying for a domain name registering it and puting a website up with just that? maybe to confuse my insurance company. Anyway I left the office and promptly bumped Angies three day old car, my foot slipped off the clutch and I ran under the barrier scratching the bonnet :(  in the car park.

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