Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The weather

I have come to the conclusion that if you live somewhere that isnt sunny all the time you appreciate the sun more, today has sunny spells and showers which has been par for the course over the last 2 weeks, its certainly makes a bonny countryside when there is plenty rain to keep it green. I know last winter was an extreme one here and my Dads weather records show this spring was really dry in the West of Scotland but they are nothing to the Russian heatwave that country is being consumed by wildfires caused by the worst heatwave the country has endured in a millennia. A state of emergency has been declared in 35 regions of the country — seven for the fires themselves, and another 28 for crop failures caused by the drought. Meanwhile, Pakistan is struggling with unprecedented flooding that has killed more than a thousand people and affected millions more. In China, flash floods have so far killed more than a thousand people and destroyed more than a million homes. On a smaller scale, European countries like Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic have also suffered serious flooding. global temperatures in recent months have been at their highest levels in records that go back 130 years. Arctic sea-ice cover reached its lowest ever recorded average level for the month of June. In Greenland two huge chunks of ice broke off in July and August.
Part of the Ocean Conveyor Belt—a great river of ocean water that traverses the saltwater sections of the globe—the Gulf Stream stretches from the Gulf of Mexico up the eastern seaboard of the United States, where it splits, one stream heading for Canada’s Atlantic coast and the other for northern Europe and Greenland. By taking warm water from the equatorial Pacific Ocean and carrying it into the colder North Atlantic, the Gulf Stream warms up the eastern United States and northwestern Europe by about five degrees Celsius (roughly nine degrees Fahrenheit), making those regions much more hospitable than they would be otherwise. Among the greatest fears scientists have about global warming is that it will cause the massive ice fields of Greenland and other locales at the northern end of the Gulf Stream to melt rapidly, sending surges of cold water into the ocean system and interrupting the flow of the Ocean Conveyor Belt. One doomsday scenario is that such an event would stop or disrupt the whole Ocean Conveyor Belt system, plunging Western Europe into a new ice age without the benefit of the warmth delivered by the Gulf Stream. The house in Oughterard has really good insulation :) and I'm going to do a course on how to operate the heating systems.

So recycling garbage may help the global warming, in Sydney we had three bins a smallish red general waste bin that went to landfill, a green bin that was for garden waste and a yellow bin that you filled with glass paper tins and plastic, was a great system that was paid for by your rates, in Ireland there are no rates but you have to pay for your garbage to be collected, its E$220 a year and that gives you two bins the green bin takes Paper - newspaper, magazines, waste paper, envelopes, leaflets Cardboard - cereal boxes, postcards, cardboard packaging Plastic bottles and containers Tetrapak - milk and juice cartons Steel cans - food tins, dog and cat food tins Aluminium cans - soft drink cans, beer cans. The have to be clean and dry. the other bin takes other garbage. I'll recycle as much as possible of any green kitchen matter in a compost bin, I had a worm farm in Australia but not sure how they would do here.

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