Saturday, October 29, 2011

Prop forward runs out of steam

It looks like my favorite candidate may be running out of breath, he is still stumbing towards the try line but every step looks laboured, even with the abscence of hair the air drag may be too  much for him. The new leader in the race is Michael D Higgins a veritable greyhound although a prehistoric one. He is the subject of the song "Michael D. Rocking in the Dáil" by the Saw Doctors, they are a band not a power tool repair company by the way.

It was a nice morning but this evening has gales and rain forecast again, its a long weekend so probably the rain will last till Tuesday, I'm not sure if I will get any Guisers here as I'm in the Conemmara wilderness and a fair hike from the closest civilization actually the closest civilization is probably Wales. Anyway I shall have to look out my skeleton, hes in a cupboard somewhere and maybe buy some sweets :) just in case, you know.

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