Monday, October 24, 2011

Last of the cleaning at Owenriff

Well we spent a few hours cleaning the house at Owenriff again today so its pretty spotless, I just need to go across on Tuesday and mow the lawns and take the keys back to the Real Estate. I will be glad when its all done and we get the bond back it can go towards some of the work we need to here.

Its a driech day here or else I'd be out with the whipper snipper as we speak, one of my next jobs is to whipper snip the grass along the roadside out front so it doesnt look uninhabited also there is a fence that is down that either need taken away or fixed up I'll have a go at the later first. I put a post box on the front of the house the other day as the door doesnt have a mail flap. I'll have to drop hints to my Dad that a house name plate would be a nice Christmas pressy lol heheheh I just dropped it. Something with a salmon on it might be the go and painted would also be ok if carving is out.

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