Monday, October 17, 2011

Another day cleaning

Well the house at Owenriff is almost spotless all I need to do now is finish up washing inside cupboards and to give the garden a cut and get rid of leaves and hopefully the bond will be returned. I hate renting a place and we always leave the house cleaner than when we moved in. I have a nightmare that the deal here falls through and I have to repack again, sheeeeeeeeeeeze I have had it with moving.

I get my internet and TV on on Tuesday but the wee tv arial in the bedroom works ok so I watched the X factor last night for the first time in ages, one of Angies pals got us hooked last year when she was visiting and I regularilly have a wee cry when they either bottle it or do really well at the initial auditions lol what a silly sausage ehh.

Weather wise we had a couple of showers today but it was bonny between them, there is a bad forecast with wind and rain for tomorrow so I shall do some more unpacking here I think. Australia were beaten by New  Zealand quite comprehensively in the end much to my pal Marks joy but that means all three of my choices are out of the comp och well its only a game.

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