Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is that a new front door?

Yesterday I had a visit from Michael who used to be her Ladyships gardener for nine years until she caught him asleep drunk in his Lordships prize armchair with the tv on when he was meant to be clearing drains. I doubt he would try and get to sleep on mine as Gus is always on it when hes not swimming in a bog somewhere. He lives just a few houses up the road which is handy but he has had a hernia and likes a dram so I dont think he will be much good apart from maybe picking his brain. As soon as Michael left, Donna arrived, he was the replacment grass cutter bloke, he gave the lawns a quick cut which may well do them now for the year, it took him about 3 hours and he didnt do any strimming. They both commented on the front door Michael said "ohh nice new door" mind you he was drunk, and Donna said "that looks heaps better than the brown colour it used to be painted".

It was dry sunny and cold yesterday and today is less cold but overcast and there are clouds covering the mountains, the dogs had a swim at An Bothar Bui which is a coral strand beach near here.

In the summer there is a lifeguard employed but this time of year it was desterted, the land opposite is Goruma island and if you look out to sea you can see the Aran Islands, they protect this part of the coast from the big Atlantic swells.

The forecast isnt great again with more of a chance of rain over tomorow and the weekend, but as long as I get a couple of hours work done in the gardens daily it makes a huge difference at the end of the week. I was hoping John might get up but he has heaps of work on again next week.

I have a plumber coming on Saturday to instal an outside tap so I can get the pressure washer up and running, the patio pavers are covered in moss and weeds in all the gaps, I have spent a bit of time weeding the gaps as if I try powerwashing without doing that it turns into a mud bath.

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