Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Online at last

Well I have eventually been installed with satelite broadband and tv and all seems to be hunky dory, its a rather large satelite but the bloke has it well secured to the building for the winter storms. I get 4 out of 5 bars wirelessly sitting with the laptop in the lounge which is fine as it is cozy in here with a big fire roaring tonight.

Its meant to be a fine day tomorrow but colder again infact I think parts of Scotland are meant to have snow, until we get the house insulated it will take a bit to heat it but they recon the gavity insulation and ceiling bats gain 70% heat retention and also the new windows will help as well. Really pleased with my new hoosy.

I got 2 coats of white undercoat on the front door today and will chuck some gloss at it on the morn and I am on the lookout for a labourer to help me clear out my peat store which is a wee stone building across the road from the house, I shall hire a skip and empty it right out as it could well do as storage for my bikes this next year as well as peat.

My skypein number is now active (091 442 472 ) if you are calling from abroad I think the code is 353 for Ireland and you drop the 0 or of course you can use skype and it costs yilch to phone me. I have been slack recently so must catch up with some of my pals, moving house and renovating seems to soak up the hours so it does.

If anyone wants to pop across for a holiday there is loads to be done here.

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Di Mackey said...

I have been leaving comments these last few days and nothing has stuck I'm thinking.

To leave a comment, I get a posh new screen ... I write, choose an id and voila but no, it seems to take me over to the old style comment page and my comment is deleted. I presumed I was doing something wrong and it was saved, that this redirect and comment loss was me misunderstanding.

This time, I'm writing it all out again on the old comment site. Let's see if you get it.

Meanwhile, the gist of all my other comments were jubilation and congratulations to you both :-)