Sunday, October 16, 2011

Glorious day

Well the sun came out and we have a glorious late afternoon here, spent the day cleaning Owenriff, hired a carpet cleaner and the carpets came up well, gawd knows why I didnt do them when I moved in but hey this is Ireland maybe I was doing things the Irish way. Got a wee bit gardening done this afteroon and cleaned the big sliding doors so the view is grand out of the living room and dining room there may even be a sunset tonight.

Bought a wee tv top arial and there is a picture on the bedroom tv so I shall be able to watch Australia vs NZ tommorow morning wooohooo I have tv withdrawls, Mark lent me a box set of "Londons Burning" which has been great but we are getting burnt out with firefighting stories.

If it is a nice day tomorrow the aim is to have a walk up the Costello river which is only a few hundred yards away from the bottom of the garden. I  have a couple of sheds over the road from the house, one is a pumping station for the local water supply the other is a stone peat store which is full of junk like old washing machines etc, aim is to hire a skip empty it leave half for a donkey or my bikes and use the other bit for getting a load of peat stored for the winter.

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