Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Well we missed out on the flooding that has affected Ireland thankfully although we have had a lot of rain since we moved in. FLASH flooding battered Ireland yesterday as more than a month’s rain fell in just a few hours. Torrential downpours caused nationwide havoc, inundating shops and homes, bursting riverbanks, blocking roads, disrupting air and rail travel and bringing rush-hour traffic to a shuddering halt.
Met Eireann had issued a severe weather warning with Leinster and much of the East coast the worst hit. A spokesman told the Irish Daily Mirror 90mm of rain fell in parts of the capital, adding: “The average rainfall for October is 70mm. Anything over 4mm an hour is considered heavy so this was well beyond that. “With more rain expected for tonight there could be an extra 20-30mm on top of that.”A major rescue operation has been launched in the Wicklow Mountains after a garda was swept away by a swollen river as he tried to direct traffic away from a dangerous bridge. He didnt survive unfortunately.

My pal Mark is coming over tomorrow to give me a hand, I cut the grass at Owenriff this morning and returned the keys, spoke to a really annoying Indian at Eircom to have the phone turned off, took me all my time to control my temper, they can wait for the last months payment after that and if they ask me why I'll tell them they need to address their customer service.

Got the patio powerwashed and the weather is nice today even had a blink of sunlight :)

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