Saturday, October 22, 2011

Call centers

Well what a drama with call centers and staff who are trained to answer 40 questions but apart from the 40 answers they are bliddy hopeless, started off with the Bank in Australia or was it the insurance company err I cant remember but both were awful, so Angie got the job of sorting things out.
The Subaru insurance was changed to a new company and we couldnt find a document they insisted of having then they decided they wouldnt be able to insure the car as it was made for the Japaneese market not the EU, gawd knows why they think they know more than the Government department that let me import it and the insurance company that did it last year, anyway after two days of not being able to use the car they discovered they had made a mistake and all was well. The Bank had us ringing at <0600 every day this week to sort out transferring money 10 different people and 10 different ways to do it, was a joke.

Australia beat Wales at rugby but it wasnt a riviting game in the end, I was hoping for a classic game, I think New Zealand will romp home over France but then again I have been wrong before, one time in 1980 I think it was. I got a few more branches trimmed today and after the plumber fits my outside tap tomorrow I shall powerwash off the patio pavers. I put up the bird feeder the other day and they have emptied once already, its nice, as its just outside the big glass doors in my lounge and quite a show they put up chasing each other from the food source. After I get the pavers clean and have spread sand between them I shall take some photos.

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