Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Field Mouse (An Luch Fhéir)

Well we spent almost 3 hours thinning out branches and clearing today and Mark found a nest in the wall probably a mouse but it could also be a stoat or hedgehog there are also foxes and badgers around, with all this manual work right enough I'm passing out about the time they wake up for their nightly roams. The island's population of badgers is still among the highest in Europe - an estimated 250,000 adults.

Angie has just decided to go to Cork this afternoon so she should get there around 2030 tonight and back home by 1700 tomorrow. I have the place to myself tonight thankfully its not halloween yet lol. Last year there were loads of kids round dunking for apples instead of getting sweets but I doubt I shall see anyone this year and if I do buy sweets I'd have to eat them myself.

I had made Chilli con Carne for dinner but it wont harm for keeping for 24 hrs and I'll just make something else for myself tonight.

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