Monday, May 2, 2011

2 days sailing with brilliant weather

Well the fine spell continues and the boat got a good workout, although the kennel was full so we didnt stay away. I'm on a hunt for a good anchorage/wharf, close to a pub, that I can stay away at and get on the razzle. Went to a wee place called Kilbeg which has a great wee sheltered harbour, its over the other side of the loch through some scary narrows that you can almost touch the stone navigation beacons unfortunately its pub is closed. However just across the bay there is another wharf called Knockferry and there is a house about 700 meters up the road called "Jenny's" or summat that if you rap hard on the door they let you in and sell booze lol. One of the things that hasnt changed here is the "lock in" I may have blogged before about my pal Keith asking the barman at the local here "what time do you close"? he was told "midnight" and Keith responded "its 0130" to a response "Its a work in progress to be sure"

I was preparing veg last night for dinner, had a roast beef with Yorkshire puddings, roast spuds, pumpkin, brussels, carrots, cauliflower etc, anyway I had peeled the spuds and picked up a couple of carrots, I have a peeler that sort of shaves the skin off the veg, its great for carrots as you can just rub it up and down and it takes a very thin shaving off the skin, anyway rubbing two carrots together doesnt do the same thing, as I discovered while I daydreamed looking out the kitchen window. What am I saying? yes ok I was standing there rubbing two carrots together.

Ok see if you can work out what the heck these have in common, I model bananas, Be a Slain Nomad, A lesbian nomad, Sane Oilman Bad, A mob insane lad, Is a lone, bad man. Yep they are all anograms of Osama Bin Laden, Id say RIP but its probably better if he doesnt. Well done President Obama.

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