Monday, May 16, 2011

DIDN’T even know that Azerbaijan was in Europe. Apparently it joined in 2008. And now Azerbaijan has stolen the Eurovision from Ireland’s energetic, happy twins Jedward. WTG we couldnt afford to host the comp next year anyway so its just as well. I've never been a Eurovision song contest fan and I'm not a fan of Jedward, bless their cotton socks, but they certainly have heaps of energy on stage or so I'm told

I laughed at a radio commentator this morning that was amazed at the size of the Catholic Population of Azerbaijan, 250 people. 98% of the country is Muslim I wonder what they will think about the expossure of middrifts and lack of designer burkas.

I have a dilema regarding buying a house, in the past I have owned and never lost money on property, but on retrospect the amount I have spent on interest repayments cancels out the profits made. Property here lost 12% last year and forcasts are for further drops as interest rates go up and a new water rates tax is introduced. Maybe its better to rent and invest the money, mind you its a real buyers market here and I could get a nice house for cash and not have to worry about morgage rates or rents going up. To Buy or Not to Buy that is the question. I think the services of a financhial advisor are required, but finding one to listen to in Ireland well would you? Ohh the real estate agent was telling me the other day it takes a minimum of 3 months to settle a house sale here 12 weeks after the offer is accepted, fawr goodness sake, ohh by the way they are thinking of introducing postcodes here they could be in by as early as the year 2045.

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