Monday, May 23, 2011

hard hat required

Well I could have done with a hard hat today walking through the woods there were branches and whole trees crashing down, it was quite impressive. My greenhouses are still standing, so far lol, it will be a shame if they take off as I'm not far off getting my first baby tomatoes. I have Toms, Cucumber,Pumpkin, Capsicum and Chilli, sprouting away fine style.

I have been cat sitting this weekend, my life seems to be one long animal care session this weather, ohh well I'd miss them if I didn't have any I suppose.

OK whats for lunch Rob ? Well I have some Corriander growing on the kitchen window sill and some spuds left over from last night and some chilli and an egg and a tin of tuna, maybe have a hamburger ehh kidding kidding. I've been having too many hamburgers I'm afraid and have turned into Mr Blobby. Whoever came up with the phrase "fatty people are happy people" needs their head examining.

The religious broadcaster who made the world's biggest mistake, twice, is bewildered that things did not go according to his prediction and the world did not end at 6 pm on May 21.
Harold Camping, whose radio network is reported to be worth between USD 70 million and USD 120 million, was nowhere to be seen publicly Sunday after his prediction didn't come true. Predicting things is great until the things you predict dont turn out then you look a right Goose ehh. I'm feeling quite good about myself as this is  the fifth end of the world I've survived.

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