Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rain, wind and a three leaf clover.

Well this is more like the weather I was expecting from the West coast of Ireland its peeing doon and blowin a gale. The msn forecast has sunny with light showers lol I think thats a drive to attract tourism, then when they get here sell them umbrellas with three leaf clovers on them. I did a website recently and put a four leaf clover on it only to be asked to change it for a three leafed one. The meaning of a 4-leaf clover is commonly known as luck, however the 3 leaf clover's meaning is happiness. Now people spend all their time looking through fields of clover looking for that one little bit of 'luck' and sometimes never find it, but they look right past the obvious, that there is 'happiness' all around them, that they can find that happiness in anything and everything, their work, their family, their friends, their life. People are so hell-bent on looking for the luck though. Its also is Ireland's most recognized National Symbol. In mind of this St. Patrick used to the Shamrock to explain the concept of the holy trinty.

I made a facebook page for ROBBO'S bike hire and have been adding photos of the surrounding area to it.

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