Monday, May 30, 2011

Close encounters of the pertol pump kind

We took the dogs to a beach at Rynville and they had a swim in the sea and I picked up some great round cat sized rocks perfect for painting cat door stoppers. Got the car petrol digital readout down to 2 km to empty before putting 50 Euros worth in in and bringing the gauge up to about quarter full, then I proceeded to reverse into the petrol pump, I know, it wasn't my proudest moment. What made it even worse was Angie said "Watch out behind". She fooled me as normally when she says that there is a bus 300 meters away or a dog half a mile away. Anyway the petrol pump person hadn't noticed but being the silly honest sausage that I am I went and fessed up so there were pictures taken and probably my insurance will go up by 10,000 Euros a month.

I saw a figure on the hillside pointing out to sea dressed in black plastic bags it turned out to be a scarecrow, this is Ireland and I thought it could maybe be some religious symbol.
There were no crops or anything needing scared, apart from some kids at a dilapidated  caravan park up the road.

Other things we saw were a nice view and a donkey, shame I hadn't seen the petrol pump.

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