Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Duffers week

Well I went dapping with my pal Keith Geoghegan and another friend of his from Durham, had a sort of dreich day with heavy squalls and fishing was hard work but enjoyable all the same. Went ashore at lunchtime built a fire and cooked steak sandwiches, 2 huge sirloins each with onions and slabs of bread cooked on the boat frying pan with mole grips for a handle. This couple of weeks are called Duffers weeks as the mayfly hatch and the ease of technique in fishing them can be done by any duffer with success, apart from this one lol. I got a couple of rises all day and that was it, I suppose thats why its called "fishing" and not "catching"

Angies credit card was compromised and she lost almost 3000 Euro, she saw a transaction for 998 Euro and asked me what I'd been buying, as if I would spend that without asking, but anyway thankfully it turned out to be her card not mine that had been compromised.

The hot water heater developed a leak and I had water coming out of a light fitting in the kitchen yesterday, so we have no hot water untill its replaced. I miss my morning shower.

I went to view 3 houses for sale yesterday evening, and have another 4 to look at on Saturday, this one  has my vote so far although the gardens in the other two were bigger / better. Mind you bigger means more lawnmowing ehh.

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