Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We found Rudolf

I heard o the Irish news that Rudolf had gone AWOL well we can all rest peacefully now as I found him in Cong


I’d forgotten just what a northern hemisphere Hogmanay /New year is like and its been grand remembering and having friends / family around this one although  Intensive slimming is now required I just saw some photos and wow I’m the size of a small hippo.




My pal Keith left today destined for my parents to carry on the New Year tradition and drink them out of house and home too lol. Mind you he will have about three and end up like asleep ehh Keithy lololol


As per usual I was last man standing, the one good thing about being the size of a small hippo is you have the capacity to drink them all under the table.





Got some nice shots on our run to Cong





Angie is back to work tomorrow she flies over to England


but Sheena Rus and Sacha are staying for another couple of days I think.

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