Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, ohh and Happy Birthday to Dad, and Happy Birthday to Marianne (my wee sis). My Mother arranged to give birth to my younger sister and I on my dads birthday but was out a day both sides, It may have been a ploy to save on washing birthday dishes I'm not sure. Mariannes bd is on the 13th Dads on 14th and mine on the 15th Jan. I googled for celebrities with my birthday and to be honest the 15th is pretty scarce of quality celebrity birthdays James Nesbit, Martin Luther King and Lloyd Bridges were the only ones I knew. Mind you the Queen could also be a 15th girl she has that many birthdays who would know.

My birthday started off with Angie telling me she had forgotten the date and Gus having had an accident on the dining room floor which had me gagging. Angie was just kidding she had actually got me a dart board which was very nice of her just a shame about her sense of humour, as I cried, no I didn't it was the smell of dog poo in the morning that had my eyes watering, who need Napalm.

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Oein DeBhairduin said...

Gently wandered in from another blog search and seeing as it was only a day(and a bit) ago, happy birthday to you stranger :)