Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fog, a Subaru and a guiness in a castle

Well the Forester (Subaru) had to have its 12000 km service yesterday and the nearest place is in a town called Ballinrobe in Co Mayo, apart from having the only Subaru service garage it also has a horse racing track and claims to be the angling Mecca of Ireland but of course we all know that in fact Oughterard is the Mecca. I took my mate Mark with me and we filled in the time waiting for the car to be serviced playing darts and sampling a few of their Guinness, then after 2.5 hours we continued to Ashford Castle at Cong, there was no guard at the gate fleecing tourists for 20 Euro parking fees so we went in and sampled their Guinness. Ashford has a 5 star rating and it looked quite eerie in yesterdays fog, ohh it was foggy yesterday that has nothing to do with the Guinness.

So we priced staying there and the very cheapest deal they do midweek in the winter is E352 a night they do include dinner and breakfast in that price but you have to stay in an outside dunny and help with the washing.

I have lost over 1.2 kg since New Year and had to walk a bit looking for pubs with a dart board yesterday and I didn't struggle. After we got back to Oughterard we had to sample a few Guinness in the local pub Breanachs and we had a good bit of craic to be sure, at one point Mark said he would eat his hat if I got the double 9 with my first dart which of course went straight in the middle :) so I had a long and meaningful discussion with the chef how best to prepare hat, the owner interjected that he could maybe just use the hat at slop out time to do the floors and that would give it some flavour. Today I'm thinking of cooking up a cheap hat for him and taking it round in a casserole.

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