Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dont whinge about our public transport

The world's biggest annual migration of people has begun in China. The transport ministry said the number of passenger trips on trains, planes, boats and buses was expected to reach 2.6bn in the period before, during and after the holiday. That is 11.6% trips more than last year. When interviewed a 29 yr old construction worker said 'I'm lucky this year because I can leave Shanghai for home earlier, last year I spent five days trying to get a ticket,' he said, adding he had to wake up at 4am to line up for a ticket before the daily allotment sold out. I hate queing myself. Most of the passengers are migrant workers who travel home to see their families only once a year for the country's most important holiday.

Graverobbers have stolen the body of one of Italy's most famous and much-loved television personalities, Quiz king Mike Bongiorno was the Italian equivalent of Bruce Forsyth and hosted several TV game shows over a career spanning more than 50 years, Many suspect that the robbers' motive is to hold the body for ransom. Weird ehh. Aparently the choice was Mike or Berlisconi but they feared noone would pay a ransom for Berlo.

A lucky penguin is enjoying being a local celebrity in South America after taking a wrong turn and becoming separated from his colony.

Dubbed Tomas by locals, he became separated from his fellow penguins and found himself wandering the beaches of the Lima, the Peruvian capital. Picked up by police not long after, Tomas was taken to a local station where authorities have been keeping a close eye on him. During his stay, officials were able to determine that Tomas is a Humboldt, a species of penguin native to the coasts of Chile and Peru.
Tomas is expected to be reunited with his colony on an island off Peru shortly. Either that or give him a marmalade sandwich and a duffle coat.

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