Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Candles a good feed and two hotels

Angie got a candle making kit for Christmas and we had a bash at making some, they turned out well.



I’m going to try making a mold of a green clover leaf which I can then include in a white candle, if it works out ok I’ll make a load and try selling them.

We stayed in a wee hotel near Landsdown road in Dublin on Sunday night which was cheap and cheerful and clean with a tiny room packed full of telephones and a bed, not sure why three telephones were required but it was ok, this Welsh hotel we are in tonight is more basic, it has no phones but is packed full of beds (4). Its sort of Dorothy Perkins circa 1973, faded flowers.

I took a drive up to Snowdonia and had a walk in the national park.


Wales seems to have a heap more wildlife than Ireland, maybe there are fewer guns, I saw heaps of wild goats and buzzards.


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