Monday, January 10, 2011

walking like a rabbit

Well I had a couple of drinks on Friday night watching a dvd and after it finished I went for a pee, whilst doing my thing I happened to glance down, as you do, and noticed my socks were half off, my heels were bare and the socks flopping around like I had rabbit feet or flippers on. Call me Thumper if you must but I left the socks like that.

Not quite sure why I shared that with yous but hey it was the most exciting thing that happened this weekend. My next excitement is my birthday on the 15th which should be mindblowingly exciting ok I exagerated a wee bit lol, the older one gets the less brilliant birthdays seem to be, I was at sea on my 40th on Bass Strait bobbing around on a tug. In 2012 I'm 50 sheeeeze, if we are spared I think a party is in order for that one.

I have a feeling this year will be good, its off to a good start with a busy new year and good weather. I have the prospect of replacing the boat I sold before coming here with a Magregor 26 X yacht trailer sailor/ power boat. Hopefully a ship surveyor who works with Angie will have a look at her for me this week. I'm going to lose weight and increase my fitness and hopefully my bike hire and computer assistance will take off.

Ok  have to dash, got a big greasy hamburger with bacon cheese and egg and french fries waiting and then a day of lying on the couch, kidding kidding I'm away to jump on the home gym, do a washing, walk the dogs and clean the kitchen, Take care all.

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