Friday, January 7, 2011

ok I didnt last

Well I didn't make it all night, the dogs got let into the snug about 7 pm lol but the discipline worked and they are back to behaving like my dogs again.
I'm quite Up today as I got a computer fixup job last night which took me all of 3 mins to fix :) I worked it out at 600 Euros an hour as I charged 30 Euros all I need is 20 jobs an hour, so far I have had three in Ireland. I think a big push on the leaflet delivery front is required.

Its a lovely sunny day here which probably means sub zero temps tonight again but the forecast isn't as bad as we had leading up to Christmas if we do get another cold snap. The place is in a mess here with Dublin and other parts of the country on water restrictions still due to burst mains etc, the N Irish water minister (Laurence MacKenzie) got the gu mach but here in S Ireland we tend to award incompetency with promotion, when I tried googling the Irish Water board CEO I got diverted to Mr Tony Kileen who is the Minister of Defence which doesn't surprise me as there are no post codes here.

My neighbour Mark had to pay for Sky tv same as me as he couldn't get a picture free to air, (bloody cheek they have charging for a tv licence) anyway the install guy arrived and took about 4 hours to NOT set it up day before yesterday, apparently there was a problem with the set top card which will take 5 to seven working weeks to re post, they told him "days" but I know the truth. They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit It's not, perhaps they  are as deliberately confused as the great Frank Muir on an old BBC episode of My Word, who wound up a typically long-winded anecdote with the phrase "the bun is the lowest form of wheat". Personally I tend to think that wit is the highest form of sarcasm.

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