Thursday, January 6, 2011

bad dogs

Well the last of my visitors are away home and I have taken down my christmas decorations and had a tidy up. I had a fun festive season and it was great to see everyone :)

Sheena and family left at 0600 this morning and I made the mistake of letting the dogs come back to bed with me for a wee while, that and the fact that they had been getting overly petted and such for the last few weeks I think was what led to the misbehaviour today so they are both on a "time out", Jessy is locked in the garage and Gus in the kitchen. I was quite pleased with their progress up until Christmas but today Gus did his run away to the water and get hyper/ not listen but bark deal and Jessy hyped by his barking at nothing, barked at a bloke who wandered along the path giving him a bit of a scare, then she rolled in muck again and Gus wouldnt come. The "time out" reminds the dog of their place in the pack, Jessy is in the garage as she is showing signs of dominance towards both Gus and myself and the man in the woods, she will stay there until later, then will get the cold shoulder with no petting or looking her way and she and Gus can stay in the kitchen tonight.

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