Thursday, January 30, 2014

eircom, orthopaedic boots and missing Australia

Well the 26th (Australia day) came and went and I had a brief chat with my mate Paddy in Ozz, which made me miss Australia, and the weather kept up its end and has been pretty woeful apart from yesterday when the sun came out and revealed the view which I sat and looked at for a good while. The Irish government are determined to make Ireland the wind farm for Europe which sounds wonderful but in reality is a real mistake. At the moment there is huge uproar about huge pylons that are to be placed through the middle of the country to transfer electricity to the Grid, the network is four times bigger than is needed to support the needs of the country and is being made to export electricity to the UK and France. Along with the network of wires/ pylons they are going to cover the whole country in monstrous wind turbines > 140 meters high. The politicians involved in pushing through plans ASAP without cost benefit analysis have stakes in wind farms set to make them millions.
If they did the homework they would see that other countries like Denmark that exports 70% of their wind power (because they have to, as their network gets overloaded in windy times) export it at a loss, why on earth would England pay high prices for electricity when they can get it for nothing from Scotland? if it is windy here then, almost always, it is windy in Scotland, as it is the same weather patterns that govern the wind.

Anyway I'm going on about bliddy wind farms not just as they want to put up 13 turbines in my view but the more research I do into them the more I hate the things. I can just hear my Mom saying you shouldn't hate anything, and she is quite right too, my Mom is always right. Ok that bit of sucking up done what else is news? Ehh I'm limping around fine style in the boot, it is the same as the one below

The wee blue button is to inflate the thing after you do up all the straps. Mine has a 2cm wedge in the heel for the moment probably to keep weight off the tendon so when I walk all the weight seems to be on my heel which gets sore after a while and because of the month off my feet the old legs get weary too but I dare say the muscle will come back quick enough now I'm walking again. When I take the boot off the tendon feels fine and I can move my foot almost as much as the good one, so I am tempted to throw the boot in the bog and go running around it in my kilt whooping but I shan't for another four weeks.

Eircom still haven't looked at my telephone line, nothing new there as this is Ireland, so I am still using a pay as you go dongle for internet access, means no Skype no land line and very slow internet but I shouldn't complain, ohh yes you should the squeaky wheel gets the oil boyo, I wont complain but I will ask for a discount on line rental etc for the time I have no line, that seems only fair.

Scotland play Ireland at rugby this weekend, it is always a big ask coming here and winning but good luck to the boys I might even dorn the kilt and rugby top and go down to the village to watch it, where is my tartan cap and fake red hair?

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