Monday, January 20, 2014

Dry sunny day lends itself to roof pointing

The is a guy here today to point the gable end and an excavator coming to pull the trees that have been prepared off the bog to the roadside to be chopped up for firewood. We have put in a claim for repairing the wall the trees fell over as well as the roof and have fingers, eyes, legs and arms crossed that they will pay up or we will not be holidaying in Barbados this year, actually we weren't going to Barbados anyway lol but it sounded nice. I saw on the news some poor guy was killed defending his yacht against robbers in St Lucia hopefully they will catch the killers.

Gus is desperate to get out to go play with the chainsaw as he was allowed out all weekend to do just that but Michael had a few folks with him to help and they were watching the dog, I know myself that if he is with me when I am felling trees I have to keep a really keen eye on him that he doesn't get squashed and it is a pain.

I am going stir crazy stuck inside and really feel for people who have to spend their lives in wheel chairs, I wonder if there is someplace I could volunteer to drive people who have trouble getting out to the shops etc. That will give me something to do researching that.

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