Saturday, January 25, 2014

some pics of the rebuilt wall

I managed to hop up to the gate and Angie pushed me over the cattle grid in the wheelchair and up the road to view progress, was the most fun I have had in weeks. They have rebuilt the wall along the roadside and put a bit of a fence up and done the wall where the trees had knocked it down. The bit where the trees were down will look nice when I finish with landscaping it.

Some logs going to Michael's firewood pile, he probably ended up with about 20 tons of wood.

The nearly cleared North side with rebuilt wall.

Michael and one of his boys, they are 9 years old and great workers. They were wanting to get off school the other day to come up logging.

The roadside with rebuilt wall and new bit of fence.
I will need to invest in a wood splitter down the track and am thinking of making a lean to at the shed to store all the wood under.

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Di said...

Sounds like you've got yourself some lovely neighbours. I've been following your stories without commenting. Sorry :-( It's just been a bit mad here lately. Good to know that you're hopping a wee bit. I guess this is progress?