Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bliddy Eircom and bliddy bliddy Meteor

Eircom technician after 9 days or so has given up looking for my telephone line? and is outsourcing the line reconnection to a contractor, hopefully he is a foreigner. And Meteor well what a joke they are, (Meteor are a mobile provider here in the land of leprechauns). Angie invested in a "dongle" usb modem and had it connected to the Meteor network so I could at least get emails and do the blog while Eircom did their thing looking for the landline, anyway you have to top up the sim card with credit and then get a pass to access data online, sounds easy enough ehh, well its not, the tel number you call to top up is 1740 according to all the paperwork that comes with the card BUT (and I found this out after 3 hours) if you ring from a mobile on any other network you get put through to the automated answer machine for the other network and it says "the mobile phone number you typed in is not a mobile number" so you retype it, a few times then you get connected to someone in India who hasn't a clue why you rang Vodafone when you are with Meteor. so they give you the Meteor number to call 1747 so you ring it and get connected to Vodafone again. Why not use the landline Robert?, cos Eircom cant find the bliddy thing, so you think I could try and do it online but you cant as you have no internet so you call directory of enquiries and talk to someone in India who gives you a totally different number 1890818085 so you ring that and type in the telephone number and your credit card details and the expiry date then it transfers you to a live person wooohoooo, they then ask you all the same questions but they cant connect you as you are not the person who bought the dongle initially. So you hang up, redial and put on a squeaky accent tell them your name is Angela and eventually they take your ten euros. Then you have to get a 7 day pass which they deduct off your 10 Euro leaving you with about 5 mins online before you have to top up again. Ohh I forgot, the Meteor live person gives you an incorrect number to call Meteor customer service to activate the 7 day pass so you get to talk to the nice girl in India who works for Vodafone again. Apart from that my day is going well.

The weather was ok today and my neighbour Geofrey ran me down to the cafĂ© in Carraroe to use the wifi there for emails and have breakfast, I was approached by a charity to do a website  for a talent show they were organising last week so was worried I was missing emails, anyway after I have registered the URL (and paid for) they wanted and come up with a design (which they loved) she phones me this afternoon and says someone else is doing a talent show and they have changed their minds about the whole thing lol. Thankfully this happened before my chats with India. Apart from that my day is going well.

:) Things could be worse I could have no view, or no dogs for company.

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